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Become A Volunteer

In many communities, each afternoon when schools are out, thousands of children are left alone at home and unsupervised. Not only can these leads to bored kids, it can also result in poor grades, increase school dropout rates and juvenile crime. Investing your time in our after-school programs as a volunteer will help save lives and improves our community. ICCD has served over 3,500 KIDS Cabarrus and surrounding counties since 2001 by improving social, cultural and academic skills. We offer various volunteer, student teachers and internship positions in areas such as: Tutors, Advocacy, Human Services, Information and Referrals, Economic Development, Workforce Development, mentors, Teachers, Immigration Referrals, Adult Basic Education , STEM, Early Learning, Cultural Events and many more. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out and send us a volunteer application or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Debbie Phillip at for more information.

  • Research shows that the most frequent time of day for juvenile delinquency peaks between 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

  • Teens who do not participate in after school programs are more likely to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

  • Kids who participate in after-school programs earn higher grades, have improved attendance and are more likely to graduate.

  • After school programs have the power to save life, reduce crime, increase safety and foster community understanding.

  • Our STEM include computer coding and Robotics.

  • Educational Field Trips.

Afterschool STEM Mentoring Program

As a step in addressing the shortage and the lagging science achievement in our community, we are implemening Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to inspire high-need K-12 students with motivation, high energy, enthusiasm, and expertise. Mentors have the invaluable opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with the students who need it most. The afterschool students, who predominantly come from low income, underserved, and disadvantage communities, not only receive exposure to new and engaging program, but they will also learn from  scientists and engineers, who, while working to inspire a new generation of scientific innovators, also serve as positive role-models and mentors to population.​




To make a difference in a child's life, become a donor today. View the Donate page to learn more!

Various organizations and foundations have community programs, such as Money-For-Time and Easy Match, where some of their employees volunteer hours and the organization matches their hours with a monetary donation.


You can sponsor a child in many different ways. For example, you could read to them, assist with homework and school projects, or cover the expense it takes to have them in the ICCD afterschool or summer program which is less than $20 per child per day.

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